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About Us

Contact Name: Sehr Lakhani
Phone: 909-560-1332
Email: sehr@karmakarma.com

KARMAKARMA is a marketing platform that engages consumers through social impacts.

We offer two charitable solutions:
1. 150+ Impact Rewards: Our partners like Sony, Microsoft, MyPoints, MTV, ….offer our 150+ Impact Rewards such as Giving a child a meal, Planting a tree or Feeding a rescued puppy as a cost-efficient way to drive app downloads, sales, sign-ups, check-ins, to do good and as a redemption option. For example, Sony/GSN did a campaign to entice players with “Upload $20 to your game account and feed a rescued puppy today” that drove 5x higher conversion rates compared to other campaigns. After a purchase, users receive an ecode that they enter on www.KARMAKARMA.com to see Where, How and What impact they have made in the world.
Our customers are seeing 12-25% higher conversion rates with these cause-based incentives.
2. The KARMAKARMA eGift card enables individuals to choose from 150+ tangible social impacts such as Planting a tree, Providing clean drinking water for a day or Giving a child in need a meal. The KARMAKARMA eGift card is listed in many reward clubs (e.g. Swagbucks, Microsoft-bing, Airmiles, MyPoints, …) and outperforms other charity solutions by factor 20x, because users know exactly how and where they creating a positive change.

The KARMAKARMA eGift card has a number of benefits for your loyalty program:

1. Cost-efficient: Social Impact Actions are a low-cost item (‘points burner’) with high perceived value. The KARMAKARMA eGift card starts at $1. Single impact actions (e.g. plant a tree for x points, feed a puppy, save a meter of rainforest, Offset a pound of Carbon) start as low as $0.10.
2. High discount of 10% on initial distribution.
3. Instant gratification: Social Impact Rewards have a high perceived value and are instantly gratifying for your users. Unlike with other Charity donations, users immediately know what positive impact they have made.
4. New customers: Doing Good creates a brand halo and competitive advantages especially with Millennials and socially-conscious consumers. Doing Good is the right thing to do!
5. Effective: Digital ecodes and physical gift cards available in all denominations ($1-$100) and for international markets as well.
Build and share your personalized KARMAPROFILE by making impacts around the world and create a real difference. Visit KARMAKARMA.com for more information.

4. Availability of toll-free customer service

1 (323) 212-5923, support@karmakarma.com

5. Standard credit terms

Ownership and risk of loss is transferred to the recipient upon completion and processing of the order. Unless otherwise stated by law, the KARMAKARMA Cards have no expiration date and no maintenance fees. Codes received for KARMAKARMA Card are not tax-deductible.

6. Return policy

KARMAKARMA Cards are non-refundable upon purchase.

7. Customization and personalization options
• KARMAKARMA Gift Cards are available as physical and eGift cards.
• Our gift cards come in all denominations ($1-$1,000),
• Available for all international markets and different currencies
• Can be customized with your logo, including a customized landing page where users can redeem their personalized eGift cards.

8. Methods of shipping available
• Email delivery for eGift cards
• Physical cards can be dropshipped via UPS, FEDEX